Who We Are

PioneerMedia.Me is the new brand for digital, creative and online services being provided by Pioneer Publishing, the parent company behind The Reader (founded 1994), El Perico (founded 1999) and OmahaJobs.com (founded 2005). As the long-standing leader in local niche media, we have retooled our outstanding creative teams — graphic design, websites, photo/video and writing — to help businesses build their own media channels in the digital age.

Our team represents a wide range of expertise. When it comes to online marketing in the Omaha metropolitan area, no one will work harder to meet your needs and find local opportunities than your local niche media leader.

Our Team

John Heaston, Publisher/Editor
Eric Stoakes, Creative Services Director
Dinah Gomez, Senior Account Executive
Kathy Flavell, Senior Account Executive
Kerry Olson, Client Relations Manager
Clay Seaman, Delivery and Digital Director
Roberto Montiel, Production Manager
Derrick Schott, Digital and Design
Tamsen Butler, Content Coach
TeAnna Mirfield, Video Director
Krissy Hamm, Film Director