Review Management

84% of consumers say reviews influence their decision to purchase a product or service.

Contemporary Media works with the proprietary platform at to start steering your customers to your website when they have feedback for your business. The intent is to:

STEER negative reviews internally to be addressed immediately. Don’t give disgruntled customers a reason to go to external review sites.

BUMP positive reviews externally to to Yelp, Google+, DexKnows, Yahoo Local, Trulia, Zillow, Who Do You and all major sites specific to your industry.

PUSH positive reviews to your website and social media pages.

Our managed program includes:

• System to manage review requests by email
• Customized design and training to build a review culture
• Unlimited testimonial reviews received and requested
• Your reviews will be optimized to Google, Yahoo and Bing
• Promote positive reviews to your website with website feed
• Add positive reviews to a Facebook tab on company Facebook page
• Automate your reviews to the feeds on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
• Hold your teams accountable to build better customer service
• Verification of your reviews to provide third party endorsed value
• Promote your testimonials with every email