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Content Marketing Action Packages

Content is king in pushing your website and social media to the top of search and driving customer engagement. Don’t just let your website and social media sit there. Actively drive business.

Goals of Content Marketing

  • Present company brand identity effectively
  • Inform visitors about company, brand, and product/services
  • Establish credibility or thought leadership
  • Drive leads for sales

How It Drives Sales

Content Marketing Works Here

Buyer Activity



Awareness Media, Word of Mouth Media, Word of Mouth (in-person & online)
Exploration Friends,, Store, Catalog Word of Mouth, Web Research
Product Comparison Store, Catalog Web Research
Purchase Purchase by catalog order or in-store Purchase online or in-store

Start By Telling Your Story

Every business has a story and new customers trust businesses that can tell their story well. Don’t make prospects go on a blind date with your company.

Let Your Customers Talk For You

Nothing is more powerful than positive customer testimonials. The web makes everyone a critic and as much as 20% of online reviews can be negative, regardless of your business. Bury these with compelling testimonials from real customers.

A Picture Is Worth a 1,000 Words

The right image can speak volumes about your business. We can help you sort through the millions of stock photos to find the best one for your business, or arrange your own photo shoot for exclusive images. Stock Photos: Market Rate + 20%

Become An Industry Expert

Looking to build prospective customer confidence and make your site a go-to for information about your industry’s good and services? These packages work with your expertise to increase new client acquisition.

Video is Worth Even More

More powerful than words and images, video is the full sensory experience to communicate your message and a key ingredient for SEO. From photo motion/graphic on.

Contests, Promotions & Polls

Custom-tailored programs to drive user-generated content and engagement: Quoted by the project.