The $1,000 marketing report you want for free

One of the best sources of information for your business and its online strategy

There’s a new way to consider your customers these days thanks to the internet. It’s not so much new, it’s quite old-fashioned really, but it’s critical to your business online strategy. The web lets you cast a wide net for your customers and empowers you to reel them in.

No, they aren’t mindless fish in a big school, most of the time at least, but they are YOUR AUDIENCE.

The more engaged they are, the more likely they will accept your offers and share them with their friends. That means more business for you. The more fanatical the customer base, oh, I mean audience, the bigger the business growth. That tried and true, #1 source of new customers — word of mouth — meets the digital age.

So where do you start? How can you measure what you’re already doing? How are other small and medium businesses using the internet?

One great place to start is with the world’s most established survey of how marketing, advertising and business investments are evolving online for small and midsized businesses. One that not only looks both at your traditional advertising and marketing, but also where it’s heading online at level of detail no other survey does.

And that’s why I’m urging you to take this once-in-a-year (maybe longer) opportunity to participate in the Borrell Associates survey so that you can receive your own copy of their annual report on how small and medium size business owners like you and your company are using digital advertising, marketing and support services…or not!


At $1,000 every year, I’ve only downloaded the free executive report and pined after the harder data in the complete report. I’d love to buy this report for every business in Omaha some day.

Because of The Reader’s membership in the Association of Alternative Newsmedia and our work helping alt weeklies around the country grow their digital services, we have the opportunity to send this invite this year.

And because Borrell knows any survey, no matter how short and easy, is still an effort in your super busy day and it’s only as good as the honest anonymously shared information in it, they’re also doing a sweepstakes and giving away one new iPad to the winning survey participant. That could be you!

Take 5-10 minutes needed to complete the survey and when the report comes out, we’ll invite you to a special complimentary luncheon to examine the results and the takeaways for your business and the Omaha market. We’ll share the big results here, but save the real digging for that lunch.